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About KTUC

For more information about KTU the school and not the corporation visit us at


KTUC is a tech focused corporation because technology is integrated into virtually every career field as well as our daily lives.  A lack of technology training inhibits a communities opportunities and is just bad public policy.


KTUC is online because a physical location requires students to travel to that location to learn. This limits the opportunity to only local communities and those with transportation.  KYTech believes that those without the ability to travel to a college likely have the greatest need for an education. 


KTUC's mission is to deliver a quality educational experience to the largest possible population at the least expense to them.  We discourage the use of any student loans and discount our low tuition for populations of greater need.  

The university has a goal that no less than 30% of all students pay nothing and those that do pay tuition pay no more than $1300 per term.

Tax Exempt 501c3

KTUC is a 501c3 tax exempt public charity according to the United States Internal Revenue Service. Donations to KTUC are tax deductible.

Determination Letter PDF

KTUC Leadership

The following individuals fill the top positions of KTUC as volunteers. No salary has been paid to any KTUC staff, regents or officers.

Matthew Leffler
Derrick Russell
Jimmy Ausbrooks

Matthew Leffler is the founder of KTU and President of LFI the sole member of KTUC.   Matthew holds many of the certificates utilized in our KTU programs and has worked at Hewlett-Packard and Accenture in a technology training role.

Matt is the Managing Member of Ultimate SEO LLC a technical digital marketing agency operating since 2018 in Louisville, KY. 

Matthew's qualifications to lead KTUC include:

Master of Business Administration, Tech Mangement
Master of Education, Instructional Design
Bachelor of Science, Information Technology

Derrick Russell serves as the chief academic officer of KTU and as Provost is charged with approving course work and exam submissions for KTU college credit.

Derrick's qualifications to lead KTUC include:

Master of Business Administration, Tech Mangement
Master of Education, Instructional Design
Bachelor of Science, Information Technology

Jimmy Ausbrooks serves as the chief operating officer overseeing all nonacademic aspects of KTU.  These services include health options, counseling, student engagment and more.  As KTU grows we hope to offer housing options.

Jimmy's qualifications to lead KTUC include:

Master of Education, Counseling
Bachelor of Arts, Politics

Chris Coffman serves as the chief records and compliance officer overseeing all student records and data protection for KTU.  As a practicing attorney in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Chris also serves as the General Counsel for KTUC.

Chris's qualifications to lead KTUC include:

Juris Doctor 

KTUC is actively seeking a VP of Finance who will act as the school's bursar. The bursar is a treasurer and the chief financial officer. This position will ensure all regulator requirements are met, as required for a 501 c3. The bursar will oversee tuition payments and donor gifts and ensure these funds are allocated efficiently in accordance with the KTUC mission.

KTUC is actively seeking a Director of Admissions. The Director of Admissions is the Chief Marketing Officer of KTUC. This position will be charged with ensuring admissions policies and standards are met, brand development, educating prospective students about KTU programs and reviewing student applications for admission.

KTUC is actively seeking a Director of Technology. This position is the cheif technology officer of KTUC. The KTU Help Desk, web sites and cloud technology operations are overseen by this position.

KTUC Mission

KTUC's mission is to deliver the most affordable, innovative and accessible education with quality and value to the most inclusive and diverse population possible.

Goals To Meet Our Mission:

  • KTUC will not rely upon student debt for its operations.

  • KTUC will partner with other organizations to provide a challenging learning experiences at the most efficient cost.

  • KTUC will cap tuition at no more than $1300 per term for domestic students.

  • KTUC will provide Need Based Tuition, utilizing credits, to ensure no less than 30% of the student body pays $0 in tuition, fees and textbooks.

  • KTUC will have all members of the staff, faculty and administration acting as Academic Mentors or Course Mentors ensuring accessiblity of the schools administration.

  • KTUC will develop programs and services that rival traditional schools in student engagement.

  • KTUC will seek out diversity in every aspect of the university community.

© Copyright 2020 KTUC. All Rights Reserved.  KTU, KTUC and KYTech are abbreviations of Kentucky Technical University Corporation.  KTUC refers to our nonprofit corporate entity.  KTU or KYTech are used as the school's identifiers.  Kentucky.Institute is a planned adult education program by KTUC.